1RM Challenge

This challenge is about lifting as heavy as possible for one lift only similar to powerlifting, but instead of the weight you compete on RGA Scores (i.e. coefficient).

RGA allows men and women of different size and age to compete against each other on fair terms thanks to our unique barbell weight calculator:

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Seal Row (Men’s or Women’s WL barbell) (aka Bench Row):
Grab the bar and await the “START”-signal. Pull the barbell from the floor until it touches the base of the bench; if you don’t go all the way up, the lift doesn’t count. You must hold on to the barbell until it hits base of the bench or it will not count. Your little fingers must be within the 91 cm marks.

This is arranged once a year, and will result in one overall World Record title by score (male OR female), and two World Record titles by highest barbell load (male and female).
To win on points is considered the most prestigious and he/she who wins it is therefor the true World Champion on the platform, that day.

Squat (powerlifting bar):
Unrack the barbell, get into in position (knees & hips locked out) and await the “START”-signal. Squat until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor (hip below the top of the knee). Stand up til your hips are fully locked out and wait until given the “RACK”-signal.

Bench Press (powerlifting bar):
Unrack and await the “START”-signal. Lower the barbell to your chest, make a distinct stop/pause and await the “PRESS”-signal. Press until your elbows are locked out and await the “RACK”-signal then rack the bar.
Your buttocks must be in contact with the bench and the feet flat on the floor at all time. An exaggerated back-bend that significantly reduces the range of movement is not allowed. Excessive feet movement is not allowed. “Suicide” grip is not allowed. Your index fingers can’t be outside the 81 cm marks.

Deadlift (powerlifting bar):
Await the “START”-signal before you grab the bar. Pull the barbell into an upright position with your knees and hips locked out and await the “DOWN”-signal. You’re not allowed to drop the bar from the upright position, you must lower it to the floor; otherwise the lift won’t count. “sumo”-style is allowed, but you must keep your grip on/within the knurling (no fingers on the blank/chromed part of the bar).

Overhead Press (weightlifting bar):
Unrack the barbell, get into in position (knees locked out and the barbell on the chest) and await the “START”-signal. Press until your elbows are locked out and await the “DOWN”-signal. “Suicide” grip is not allowed. Your index fingers can’t be outside the 81 cm marks.

Magnesia and lifting shoes/slippers is allowed in all events, but that’s it.

Clothing: It’s mandatory to wear clothes that makes it easy to see your hips, knees and elbows (i.e T-Shirt/Tank top, Shorts/Tights or Hot pants).