RGA TRAINING CENTER Seal Row World Record Showdown

Seal Row World Record Showdown

2:nd Edition, 2022

This challenge is about lifting as heavy as possible, 1 Rep Max, for an overall World Record (WR) title by score (male OR female),
and two WR’s by pulling the highest barbell load (male AND female).
To win on points is considered the most prestigious and he/she who wins it is therefor the true World Champion on the platform, that day.

New WR, man or woman on RGA Points wins 7.500 SEK.
New WR, man and woman to pull the highest weight wins 3.000 SEK, each.
Yep you read it right! Win both on points and highest load and you walk home with 10.500 SEK!
NOTE: If no new records are broken on the day of the contest, you will receive 60% of the prize sum.

FEE (final): 700 SEK.
Pay via Swish, no. 0735546001 (Niclas Anton) and confirm your registration via e-mail to contact@rga.nu with your name, age, gender and your phone number.
*Non refundable


Björn Falkland
Henrik Elgh
Björn Carlsen
Patrick Sjöholm
Anders Larsson
Tammy Jara
Peter Hallberg
Emil Norén
Amanda Bergkvist
Anders Holmberg
Maria Helgesson
Niclas Friberg

December 3, 2022 @fitnessfestivalen , Stockholm.

Weigh-in: 09:00 – 09:30
Competition starts: 11:00
Competition ends: 13:00
Prize ceremony: 13:15

Barbell weight calculator:

Seal Row (Men’s or Women’s WL barbell) (aka Bench Row):
Pull the barbell from the floor until it touches the base of the bench. You must hold on to the bar until it hits base of the bench or it will not count. Your little fingers must be within the 91 cm marks.

Magnesia & taped thumbs are allowed. That’s it.

Curious about the previous high scores? Follow this link to the HIGH SCORE

QUALIFIED (via online qualifier):

Jan LindeMALE76,15991125,52022@Janlinde 
Filip LarssonMALE161,231170124,52022@thebarbellviking
Henrik ElghMALE125,236150123,02022@elghen85
Daniella GhermanFEMALE64,92475122,02022@daniellalyft
Björn CarlsenMALE104,2 30107,5121,52022@bournecarlsen
Sam BurmanMALE75,228105121,42022@hejsam
Maria HelgessonFEMALE773385119,72022@bananbiffen
Lotta CorneliussonFEMALE75,53280114,32022@kakmonst3r 
Alexandra WetterbergFEMALE56,23860112,12022@alexandra_wetterberg
Rickard AnderssonMALE10328120109,62022@rickardaw
Robert ÖstlundMALE94,343110106,82022@ostlund_robert
Lennart HögborgMALE95,45893106,32022@optimustitaniumprime
Marcus YngvessonMALE148,728140106,12022@Buktryck 
Martin BerkhanMALE110,740120104,82022@martinberkhan
Anders LarssonMALE12336125103,32022@tritoloone
Tammy JaraFEMALE74,75066101,52022@tamjar
David ScottMALE77,82590101,12022@daveykei
Peter HallbergMALE123,13412099,22022@peterhallberg300
Niklas WahlbergMALE92,52710098,52022@ptniklaswahlberg
Emil NorénMALE1094611098,22022@emil_pa_ostergard
Jan Philip PålssonMALE94,92810096,62022@janpga.perform
Per ForslundMALE86,5795592,42022 
Maria TingbackeFEMALE67,5296094,52022@Mariatingba
Hans MagnussonMALE75,5775091,72022 
Mohammed Alhaydari (para-lifter) MALE92439493,12022@mohammedalhaydari 
Raj DhillonMALE93,1429391,22022 
Johanna BergströmFEMALE80,5386791,22022@84johanna
Johan LiljebladMALE150,54012090,62022@johnjohnclimps
Jörgen BlomqvistMALE123,94211090,52022@cirkus_blomqvist
Hugo Lönnqvist ÖsterbergMALE64,5186890,12022