Seal Row World Record Showdown

2:nd Edition, 2022

This challenge is about lifting as heavy as possible, 1 Rep Max, for an overall World Record (WR) title by score (male OR female), and two WR’s by pulling the highest barbell load (male AND female).
To win on points is considered the most prestigious and he/she who wins it is therefor the true World Champion on the platform, that day.

Your attempt must be sent latest 2022-03-31.
Send your video to using (create a free account). If you have issues sending the video, just let us know.

To qualify you need to get at least 90 points (check your score in the Barbell Weight Calculator below) on a bench not thicker than 9 cm. Both the RGA and Eleiko Seal Row bench is directly approved. Using another bench requires measuring (video or picture).

FEE (qualifier): 0 SEK.
FEE (final): 700 SEK.
Pay via Swish, no. 1232643039.
Alternative, send an e-mail for invoice.
*Non refundable

The final will be held the first weekend in december (exact date and location will be confirmed ASAP).

The strongest man or woman on RGA Points wins 7.500 SEK,
and the man and woman to pull the highest load get 3.000 SEK each.
Yep you read it right! Win both on points and highest load and you walk home with 10.500 SEK!

Seal Row (Men’s or Women’s WL barbell) (aka Bench Row):
Grab the bar and await the “START”-signal. Pull the barbell from the floor until it touches the base of the bench; if you don’t go all the way up, the lift doesn’t count. You must hold on to the barbell until it hits base of the bench or it will not count. Your little fingers must be within the 91 cm marks.

Magnesia & taped thumbs are allowed. That’s it.

– Lotta @kakmonst3r Corneliusson, Score 114,3 / Weight 80 kg / Bodyweight 75,5 / Age 32
– Marcus @Buktryck Yngvesson, Score: 106,1 / Weight 140 kg / Bodyweight 148,7 / Age 28

Curious about the previous high scores? Follow the link: High-score

Barbell weight calculator: